Our Vision

Our Quest is to manifest as a "Spirit Family" here, on this land, in Barnstead, NH....
Becoming a circle of concurring friends focused on enhancing life together in any and every way possible.

Greed, fear, monopolies, weapons, wars, corporations, and governments are rapidly killing life on the planet Earth.  It is time for evolution and revolution. This disease has pervasively spread throughout our humankind, our cultures, and our societies.  It is a cancer eating our bodies, our minds, our souls, all life forms on our planet Earth, our ecosystems, and our Earth.

Our Quest is to attain our Vision.  Our Vision is of the freedom, the healthfulness and sovereignty of not only humankind, but also all life forms on our planet Earth.... and planet Earth itself.

In order to achieve our Vision, we see the path of our Quest leading back to the Earth, with caring and sharing among peoples of all nations globally, and locally.  We see small groups who are networked globally, connected by life-sustaining principles.  We see these groups focused on reversing current insanity by dedicated, caring people who are intentionally practicing Multiple Intimacy!...

Multiple Intimacy....

  • Intimacy with nature

  • Intimacy with the truth

  • Intimacy with health and wellness

  • Intimacy with natural processes

  • Intimacy with organic food

  • Intimacy with folk culture

  • Intimacy with each other (EcoVillages everywhere)

Life is sacred and is being threatened! 

It is time to be extremely proactive.

We can "turn the tide" if we care...Together.

Namaste Greenfire


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