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We are Namaste' Greenfire!

Our name, Namaste' Greenfire, evolved from the New England Green Movement
Fire  is the energy we hope to exude.
Namaste'  is the Oneness of the Universe.

Our focus is on living more simply, consciously, creatively and sustainably.

If you have any questions for us,
have suggestions for additions to our website,
have new information you would like to share with us,
you would just like to talk or visit, please contact us by phone or email.

Bruce Shearer
Carolyn Namaste

369 Peacham Road
Barnstead, NH 03225

Phone (603) 776-7776



This site was last updated 02/21/06


We are members of the Federation of Intentional Community and participants in the Permaculture Activists Movement.  We actively seek partners. For further information, please see: IC.org and   PermacultureActivist.net

We are a small circle of friends living on 47 acres of land in the Lakes Region of central New Hampshire.  We envision and are working for a Permaculture Learning Center and Cohousing Ecovillage on this land.  We hope to attract folks who can learn, teach and practice designs that bring us closer to a sustainable future.  We see this as a form of secular religion. Harmony with each other and with the natural world is our intention.  W hope this vision will network itself to the entire world.


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