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Democracy.  How is democracy defined? 

demos = the people  +  kratia = power, rule  

In studying the definitions of Democracy, it becomes clear that Democracy exists only of the people, by the people and for the people, individuals; protecting the rights of man.  Democracy, by definition, does not exist of, by and for the corporations, protecting the rights of the corporations above man's rights.  However, in our Democratic governments and societies today, we find the usurpation of those rights of man by corporations utilizing the very laws and principles set down by the principles of Democracy.  We find today that corporations have robbed those very rights of man laid down by Democracy for their very own.  How did the corporations turn the entire Constitution into the favor of the rights of the corporation, and against the rights of man?  What gave the corporations the right to substitute themselves in a court of law to name themselves as having the rights of "person" or "man" utilizing laws expressly named and created to protect "man" or "person"?  How has our claim fighting for and developing into and existence within and under a democratic government evolved into a governing entity no longer controlled and governed of the people, by the people, and for the people for the rights of man and person as per stated in our Declaration of Independence?  Or, has it really evolved at all?  Perhaps by re-examining the definition of democracy and our Constitution, we will find clues to the real basis of our existing government today.


Republic.  How is republic defined? 

res = concern, thing, fact, matter  +  publicus = of the people, public  

 A republic exists as having a voting body, yet still retaining hierarchal traits of the monarchy, ie. President and/or the chief of state.  While retaining the similarities to a monarchy, the republic emulates the chartered organization or corporation. 

In looking at our government today, does our government more resemble a democracy, a republican or representative democracy, or a corporation or organization?   By definition, a Republican or Representative Democracy is "a government in supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law."  Even though the body of citizens are entitled to vote for its representatives, the supreme power still is held by the elected officers and representatives as in an organization, charter or corporation.  Once in office, as in a charter or corporation, the officers which were voted upon and now hold office, can then make independent decisions to direct that organization, charter, or corporation.  Even though the elected officials are accountable to the voting body, they are still able to make decisions affecting the organization without regard to the needs, liberties and rights of the voting body.  No where in this definition are the goals of the elected officers or representatives stated. 

What Is Our Government and What Were the Original Foundations?

The sole purpose of a Democracy is to specifically support, uphold and protect the rights of the persons, the individuals.  A pure Democracy is not viewed as an organization, rather a body governed by the body.  However, a republic stands as a support only unto itself and is guided by the elected officials, not by the rights and liberties of the people.

In examining the Declaration of Independence, we find the complaints and declarations were based upon the rights and liberties of mankind, not the rights and liberties of the organization or government.  This distinction can be skewed or blurred on the surface, yet in closer examination, it becomes clear that the goals of a republic as opposed to a democracy are coming from two very different origins.  Once in place and applied, the gap most definitely widens even further.  Even the laws and the origins of the laws for each in application go in very different directions in the protections of rights and who those laws protect.  As we examine the Constitution, the subtle differences in applications of voting rights, the way the votes are driven take on a different perspective.  The vote of the individual is removed at the onset of the electoral college.  Even further, are the rights of the individual in subtle wording easily removed and replaced by the rights of the entities of charters, organizations and corporations. In a true democracy, the body maintains the voting rights on all movement and direction by the government.  Our Constitution only supports the right to vote for the officials, not to vote on what the government itself does.

How are we to call our government, even by the loosest of definitions a democracy?  Clearly, as subtly as it was stated over 200 years ago, we live in a republic, no more governing for the rights of man than that of a corporation.  So why are we so surprised today to see the rights and reign of the corporations taking such a strong hold on our government, or is our government really nothing more than a corporation itself disguised as a living, breathing government?

Examine the further pages: The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States.  Examine the Declaration of Independence for yourself, then compare the Constitution of the United States to that Declaration.  What kind of document, what kind of government stated within that document,  did our forefathers, behind closed doors, prepare as the foundation of our government... of our democracy ....of the people, by the people and for the people ....for the protections of life and liberty of...who... and then later present to the people of the United States of America?


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