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Living for the Future

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Building communities based upon the principles of sustainability and harmony with nature, using permaculture methods, is one of the few ways we have of guaranteeing a future for human beings and the natural environment of which we are only a part.  Together we can overcome the consumption and greed promoted by current institutions and replace those motives with nurturing, mutual support, and a vision for the future.
Excerpt from
Earth Democracy : Justice, Sustainability, and Peace
By Vandana Shiva
(From pages 9, 10, 11)

It pulsates with the limitless potential of an un-folding universe even while it addresses the real threats to our very survival as a species. It is hope in a time of hopelessness. it brings forth peace in a time of wars without end, and it encourages us to love life fiercely and passionately at a time when leaders and the media breed hatred and fear.


All species, peoples, and cultures have intrinsic worth. All beings are subjects who have integrity, intelligence, and identity, not objects of ownership, manipulation, exploitation, or disposability. No humans have the right to own other species, other people, or the knowledge of other cultures through patents and other intellectual property rights.

The earth community is a democracy of all life. We are all members of the earth family, interconnected through the planet's fragile web of life. We all have a duty to live in a manner that protects the earth's ecological processes, and the rights and welfare of all species and all people. No humans have the right to encroach on the ecological space of other species and other people, or to treat them with cruelty and violence.

Diversity in nature and culture must be defended. Biological and cultural diversity is an end in itself. Biological diversity is a value and a source of richness, both materially and culturally that creates conditions for sustainability. Cultural diversity creates the conditions for peace. Defending biological and cultural diversity is a duty of all people.

All beings have a natural right to sustenance. All members of the earth community, including all humans, have the right to sustenance--to food and water, to a safe and clean habitat, to security of ecological space. Resources vital to sustenance must stay in the commons. The right to sustenance is a natural right because it is the right to life. These rights are not given by states or corporations, nor can they be extinguished by state or corporate action. No state or corporation has the right to erode or undermine these natural rights or enclose the commons that sustain life.

Earth Democracy is based on living economies and economic democracy. Earth Democracy is based on economic democracy. Economic systems in Earth Democracy protect ecosystems and their integrity; they protect people's livelihoods and provide basic needs to all. In the earth economy there are no disposable people or dispensable species or cultures. The earth economy is a living economy. It is based on sustainable, diverse, pluralistic systems that protect nature and people, are chosen by people, and work for the common good.

Living economies are built on local economies. Conservation of the earth's resources and creation of sustainable
and satisfying livelihoods are most caringly, creatively, efficiently, and equitably achieved at the local level. Localization of economies is a social and ecological imperative. Only goods and services that cannot be produced locally--using local resources and local knowledge--should be produced non-locally and traded long distance. Earth Democracy is based on vibrant local economics, which support national and global economies. In Earth Democracy, the global economy does not destroy and crush local economies, nor does it create disposable people. Living economies recognize the cre-ativity of all humans and create spaces for diverse creativities to reach their full potential. Living economies are diverse and decentralized economies.

Earth Democracy is a living democracy. Living democracy is based on the democracy of all life and the democracy of everyday life. In living democracies people can influence the decisions over the food we eat, the water we drink, and the health care and education we have. Living democracy grows
like a tree, from the bottom up. Earth Democracy is based on local democracy, with local communities--organized on principles of
inclusion, diversity, and ecological and social responsibility--having the highest authority on decisions related to the environment and natural resources and to the sustenance and livelihoods of people. Authority is delegated to more distant levels of governments on the principle of subsidiarity. Self-rule and self-governance is the foundation of Earth Democracy.

Earth Democracy is based on living cultures. Living cultures promote peace and create free spaces for the practice of different religions and the adoption of  different faiths and identities. Living cultures allow cultural diversity to thrive from the ground of our common humanity and our common
rights as members of an earth community.

Living cultures are life nourishing. Living cultures are based on the dignity of and respect for all life, human and nonhuman, people of all genders and cu1tures,
present and future generations. Living cultures are, therefore, ecological cultures which do not promote life-destroying lifestyles or consumption and production patterns, or the overuse and exploitation of resources. Living cultures are diverse and based on reverence for life. Living cultures recognize the multiplicity of identities based in an identity of place and local community--and a planetary consciousness that connects the individual to the earth and all life.

Earth Democracy globalize's peace, care, and compassion. Earth Democracy connects people in circles of care, cooperation, and compassion instead of dividing them through competition and conflict, fear and hatred. In the face of a world of greed, inequality, and over-consumption, Earth Democracy globalizes compassion, justice, and sustainability.

To Live for the      Future.....

is to guarantee a
 future for human beings....

and the natural environment.




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